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Janet's Corner

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From the 2004-2005 Lecture Series 

Fall Brunch: September 15, 2004

Lesson 1: Introduction to James

Lesson 2: Real Faith Endures Trials

Lesson 3: Real Faith Allows Trials To Bring About Maturity

Lesson 4: Real Faith Asks God for Wisdom

Lesson 5: Real Faith Endures Trials: Relying on Spiritual Resources and Receiving a Crown

Lesson 6: Real Faith Knows The Truth About Temptation

Lesson 7: Real Faith Knows the Truth about the Word of God

Lesson 8: Real Faith: A Life that Mirrors The Word of God

Lesson 9: Real Faith Does Not Show Pariality

Lesson 10: Real Faith Loves

Lesson 11: Real Faith Works

Lesson 12: Real Faith Works -- Part 2

Lesson 13: Real Faith Respects the Responsibility of Communicating Truth

Lesson 14: Real Faith Controls the Tongue

Lesson 15: Real Faith Controls the Tongue - Part 2

Lesson 16: What is in the Well of Your Heart?

Lesson 17: Real Faith Seeks Wisdom From Above

Lesson 18: Real Faith is NOT Selfish

Lesson 19: Real Faith Denies Worldliness

Lesson 20: Real Faith Trusts God for His Plans

Lesson 21: Real Faith Waits for Jesus to Come

Lesson 22: Real Faith Prays

Lesson 23: Real Faith Prays, Part 2

Lesson 24: Real Faith Doesn't Walk Alone