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Solid Rock

September 13, 2006

This summer a friend related a story about her young daughter loosing something. After looking for it, she came to her Mom and said she couldn’t find the item. Her Mom asked her if she had prayed about it. They took that time to pray right then. Shortly after their prayer, the little girl found what she had lost. She came to her Mom and said, “How does God do that?”


Have you ever had a “How does God do That” moment?


When you hear a song like Jason just sang, describing who God is, you know the answer to “How does God do That.”

It’s because of who He is  - the great I AM – who was and is and is to come! Who loves each one of us with an everlasting love! His call is to Come and See and Follow ME!


My prayer for you this year as we study the last part of Isaiah, is that God would reveal himself more clearly - to each of you personally.

So that we can with surety along with Isaiah…say…

 Trust in the LORD forever,For in the God our LORD,

We have an everlasting Rock.”Isaiah 26:4 (NAS)


Today I want to take a look at how God revealed himself in this verse –

As he calls us to trust in Him, depend on Him, rely on Him because he is our everlasting Rock.

Lately, I have a heightened awareness of looking for solid ground to place my feet. Because of some difficulties with my knees, I am very careful to find firm footing.

Let’s compare a solid Rock to two other types of ground:

1. Sand: Have any of you spent any time on the beach this summer? I love the beach – the warmth of the sun, the sound of the surf, the fresh air. But there is one thing that is different – the sand. It shifts under your feet. It actually conforms to your feet.To keep your balance and to keep moving forward, you must have strong legs. There’s one other thing about sand under your feet. If you stand on the edge of the water, what happens to the sand under your feet? It’s washed away. Sand shifts and can easily be washed away.  (shifts, conforms to you or is liteally washed our from underneath you.)

2. Rolling Rocks: When I hopped out of my car one day in a parking lot, I was faced with those big rocks that roll when you walk on them. Loose you or twist your ankle. Rolling, slippery rocks were not what I needed to place my feet on – I needed stable ground. (small loose rock, roll or are slippery)

3. Solid Rock: Doesn’t move under our feet. I like the big flat ones – with no ragged edges. Like the one on the edge of a cliff. The one you can stand on and look out over the landscape and not have any fear loosing your balance or footing…


When you look at your life, what kind of ground is under your feet? Has your life changed at all in the last year or last month?  Life changes – things that we trust in get washed away, circumstances start rolling under our feet. Not only the ups and downs of life that are sure to come, but our own emotions, can make us feel like we are on a slippery rock.  We start sinking as disappointments, losses, or hurts come against us.

Don’t you look for something that doesn’t shift or slip or roll so  that you have stability? There is someone whom you can trust to be there, who never shifts, who is never slippery, who is never washed away. He is the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ.

And you can trust Him!

He’s the one that picks us up out of the mud of our lives and places our feet on a solid rock. – to make sure we won’t slip.(Psalm 40:2) He’s the Rock of our salvation, and our very lives.


When we place our trust in someone we have confidence in them.  We know we can rely on them. There is an assurance that they  won’t let us down. We can lean on them. We are open with them and vice versa – there’s a relationship that has developed that is hard to express its importance to you – except perhaps with a song or a word of thanks or a maybe just a peace in your relationship that is hard to find in this world today.

What’s your relationship with God like? Do you trust Him?

Do you have confidence in Him? Trust is important to a strong healthy relationship.

You can begin that trust relationship by getting to know Him

 Psalm 9:10 When you know your God, you will place your trust in Him.”

You can strengthen that trust relationship. Your trust grows as you keep on trusting…In the message this verse in Isaiah 26:4 says, “Depend on God and keep at it, because in the Lord God you have a sure thing.” (MESS)  This translation emphasizes the importance of “the keeping on principle”…keep on trusting, don’t give up – your trust of your God the LORD will grow.

God longs to reveal Himself to us.

o       Maybe we just need to slow down and open our eyes every day to see Him in the ways He wants to reveal Himself. Matt Redman in the “The Unquenchable Worshipper” says, “He has revealed Himself to us in creation, through the history of His people and overwhelmingly at the Cross.

o       “How does God do that?” moments, strengthens our trust in Him.  As we experience who God is in our lives, our trust in Him will be strengthened.

o       The other way to allow God to reveal Himself to you is through His Word – the Bible. That’s why I encourage you to come to our study on Isaiah and as well as choosing a small group elective -  so that you can either begin or continue building trust in the Lord your Rock!

He’s the Rock of Ages. He is immutable, unchanging, the same yesterday, today and forever. And He places our feet on Him  - The LORD Jehovah – the healer , the provider, our righteousness, the shepherd, the sanctifier, the eternal one…Praise God, we can stand on Him. He is our firm foundation, our solid Rock!


Trust in the LORD our Rock!!

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